A Successful Finale to Carter’s College Football Pick’em Pool!

By Sarah Peddar, business development manager, Carter

ATLANTA (Dec. 2, 2011) – Congratulations to Carl Mullins of CBRE for winning Carter’s First Annual College Football Pick’em Pool! With 97 wins throughout the 13-week season, Mullins surpassed the other 60 players and scored a pair of tickets to the SEC Championship Game tomorrow at the Dome. He is a dedicated and loyal Dawgs fan, so we wish him the best of luck as his team takes on the Cajun Tigers.

If you didn’t participate in this year’s pool, you missed out. Hosted by the Interior Project Management Team, the season kicked off at Five Paces with a happy hour event where guests (mostly commercial real estate brokers) met the Interiors team and signed-up to participate in the pick’em pool.

Each week participants logged into the customized pool website and picked winners based on the spread for the 12 games of the week.  A weekly winner was awarded a $25 American Express gift card for making exceptional picks, which led up to the final prize of the SEC Championship tickets.

Mullins had nothing but great things to say about the pool when I went to deliver the tickets, (granted, I was holding his coveted SEC tickets in my hand). He found the weekly recap emails, which consisted of key highlights from the previous weeks games and entertaining YouTube clips, to be a fun read and he complimented us on the event’s overall organization.

The first annual pool was a great opportunity for me to meet many of you!  Since Carter sold its property management and brokerage businesses to Cassidy Turley in September, there has been some confusion in the marketplace. This program provided Carter with a platform to let the commercial real estate community know our interiors team is still busy and strong, and we can team with any brokerage house. We have a proven process that is customized for each project, and appreciate any opportunity to present our skills and support the brokers’ efforts to maintain long lasting relationships with their clients. 

I would like to offer a special thanks to everyone who participated in our pool, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. We are looking forward to stirring up the college rivalry again in 2012, in addition to a number of other exciting events. Stay tuned!


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