Carter Assists in Relocation of Invest Atlanta

New office space gives company “home field advantage”

Invest Atlanta recently moved into its new headquarters in Georgia-Pacific Center in the heart of Atlanta’s central business district, with the help of Carter and our president, Scott Taylor. A recent article in the Saporta Repot highlighted Carter’s involvement in the process, which we announced in our blog last June.
“This gives us a home field advantage” when trying to recruit new companies to the city, Invest Atlanta President and CEO Brian McGowan said during the agency’s Dec. 20 board meeting. He attributed the quote to Taylor, who attended the meeting.
McGowan credited Carter and Taylor with playing a key role in helping Invest Atlanta secure discounted services and supplies that ensured as much money as possible was saved when building out the new space.
“The first person I reached out to was Scott Taylor. He pulled together that team. Scott got on the phone and used his connections to push these donations, to push the discount, advising, and believing in us,” McGowan said. “I cannot thank you enough — this move would not have been possible without you.”
Taylor told the Invest Atlanta board Carter was honored to help the city’s economic development agency.
McGowan praised Taylor and a team of businesses that helped Invest Atlanta reshape its physical space to match its mission of job creation.
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