Carter Attends NAREIM

Carter’s Scott Cloud shares highlights from conference

This week, Scott Cloud, senior vice president of Investments at Carter, attended the National Association of Real Estate Investment Manager’s (NAREIM) 2013 Summer Meeting in Washington, D.C., at Georgetown University. More than 50 top real estate professionals attended the conference, which focused on the challenges of today’s commercial real estate market and ways to overcome them.
During the first day, attendees toured a dynamic new mixed-use project in downtown Washington, D.C. Carter then hosted a dinner at Bandelero for real estate professionals from a variety of companies, including Invesco, American Real Estate Partners, Long Wharf Real Estate Partners, and The Brookdale Realty Group.
The second day of the meeting included a variety of panel discussions, with topics including economics, urban redevelopment, office use and more. Panelists indicated that the way in which people use office space is shifting. With the advances in technology, most work can be accomplished remotely.  The office environment now provides a venue for collaboration. Another hot topic of discussion was the importance of being opportunistic when planning urban redevelopment projects. In order to avoid these projects becoming outdated, developers and planners must be forward thinking.
“Carter recognizes the importance of being nimble in today’s marketplace,” Scott Cloud said. “We continue to focus our efforts on opportunistic acquisitions and urban infill development. There is a great deal of opportunity out there and we have a strong foundation with the right people to execute upon it.”
The conference kicked off with a quote that resonates with the current real estate environment: “In flood time, you can see how some trees bend…and because they bend, even their twigs are safe. While stubborn trees are torn up, roots and all.” – Sophacles
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