Carter CEO Urges Future Leaders to Adhere to Core Values, Build Great Teams

BobPeterssonNew  ATHENS, Ga. (Dec 14, 2009) – Earlier this month, Carter CEO & President Bob Peterson spoke to a select group of University of Georgia MBA, Law School and undergraduate Honors students as part of the Lessons in Leadership series, a course focused on exposing the school’s brightest students to a variety of leadership styles. 

Peterson spoke on lessons learned from his 35-year career in the commercial real estate industry – with his core message centered on four qualities that great leaders must possess. These qualities include focusing on your strengths, being trustworthy, adhering to your core values, and building great teams. 

“At a time when many people feel that corporate executivesare less than trustworthy, Mr. Peterson places trust at the very foundation ofwhat a leader should have,” said MBA student Damian Luna.

Peterson shared the message of building your own personal brand, and highlighted notable individuals such as Bernie Madoff and Michael Vick, who elicit a strong negative reaction, and Oprah Winfrey and Tom Brady,who create positive images.  These examples illustrate the importance of taking time early in your career to create your own brand, before it is created for you, Peterson told the students.

“I thoroughly enjoyed when Mr. Peterson talked about the importance of shaping your personal brand,” shared Bobby Marston, law school student. “I learned quickly that Mr. Peterson practiced what he preached on this point; I definitely appreciate his visit and will be sure to implement some of the pointers he passed onto us regarding life, careers,and ultimate success.” 

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