Carter Exec Speaks at Building Green Seminar

By Bill Morrison, Senior Vice President, Carter

ATLANTA (Feb. 10, 2010) – After speaking on “An Owner’s View of Planning for LEED” in a morning session last month of a Building Green seminar at the Westin in Buckhead, a gentleman approached me and said he saw me speak on the GreenTech Corridor in December at Southern Polytechnical State University. 

6a011571084ad8970c0128770fba27970c-800wi This observation startled me for several reasons. One, I have only had two speaking engagements in my career. Two, both my presentations were on sustainability yet I was wearing a suit in lieu of hemp and sandals. And three, I may have a fan.

While my first two reasons are correct, I am not sure I earned a fan, but he was from the solar power industry and he may be a fan by the time I speak in February at a Solar Energy workshop at the Hyatt downtown. I never realized in school that a major portion of my path to building buildings would weave through sustainable initiatives, recycling, alternative energy, and loving Mother Nature. 

I am glad that my career has followed this path and the journey is fascinating. I always enjoy a challenge and creating projects that maximize sustainability while minimizing cost impacts is a challenge that I have enjoyed and been successful in meeting. 

Carter’s culture of doing the right thing and doing everything well reinforces why we should take this challenge and rise to the occasion to push the sustainable envelope while making the “green” enhancements financially feasible for the project and the client.

It is really nice to overcome challenges where the result is not only an achievement but it is rewarding to our community and environment.

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