Carter Hosts Semi-Annual Chief Engineers Roundtable

By Jeff Clayton, RPA, SMA, LEED AP, director of technical services, Carter

ATLANTA (July 11, 2011) – We have all heard the phrase “Knowledge is Power” to describe the importance of learning and keeping abreast of new information and technology. One of the most predominant and significant resources within Carter is learning from each other. Learning from each other and sharing pertinent information is the primary concept and driving force behind our Chief Engineer Roundtable meetings. 

Jeff Clayton We held our semi-annual Chief Engineer Roundtable meeting on June 30 where we convened to discuss various topics that are pertinent to our industry and operations. More than 20 associates participated in our meeting either in person or via conference call, which brings more than 300 + years of combined industry experience to the table. That amount of knowledge is powerful and we should use it to our benefit.

During the meeting, we discussed program objectives and emphasized the importance of the Chief Engineer’s role in helping each team member through their minimum job classification requirements.  This program will help us understand each team member’s current skill level, target future training programs and provide a career path for each individual.

Some of Carter’s Chief Engineers from around the country presented during the meeting. Joel Ward, Chief Engineer at 171 17th St. in Atlanta, shared some lessons learned regarding sub-metering and his experience going through a LEED EB certification process. David Walker, Chief Engineer at TECO, led a discussion about demand-side energy management practices with valuable insight and best practices from many of our Chiefs. Additionally, Hal Kordovsky, Chief Engineer at Fifth Street Towers in Minneapolis, provided an update on the safety committee initiatives and stressed the importance of our safety programs. Furthermore, we discussed Energy Star tracking and Electrical Systems Arc Flash Studies.

Our meeting was very productive and many offered their insight and shared best practices. At Carter, we like to take advantage of our extensive industry knowledge and experience and share it with each other. Knowledge is power, especially when you share it with others.


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