Carter Keeps Railcar Management Rolling

By: Donna West, senior project manager at Carter

Carter’s interior project management group has proven once again the power of relationships as they were awarded two projects this year from an existing client, Railcar Management Incorporated (RMI). RMI is a provider of transportation management software for railroads across North America.

The interiors group completed their first project for RMI in 2005 which was the renovation of 12,000 square feet of existing space at Peachtree Palisades in Buckhead. Subsequently, in 2006 the interiors group was hired to manage a small office expansion for RMI, and again in 2007 to manage yet another expansion at Peachtree Palisades which included additional conference space and a data center.

Prominence The most recent projects Carter is managing for RMI include one project in Jacksonville, Fla., that is wrapping up this month and a second project in Atlanta which will be completed in November of this year.

The Jacksonville project is the result of RMI acquiring a software development company (10 East Corp) earlier this year.  RMI took this opportunity to merge 10 East with a satellite office of RMI that was already located in Jacksonville.  This satellite office provides physical storage of millions of railroad plans and drawings.  Carter managed the design, construction and relocation of 18,000 square feet of office space for these two groups which they took occupancy of earlier this month.

The Atlanta project started in June of this year and will wrap up in mid-November.  This project consists of relocating RMI’s Corporate Offices from Peachtree Palisades, where they have been for close to 25 years, into 33,000 square feet of renovated office space at Prominence in Buckhead, shown in photo at left.  The new office design will improve space efficiency and focus on RMI brand.

Donna West manages the interior project management process from design through construction and tenant move-in. Her duties include space planning and construction document review, budget development, bid analysis and reconciliation, schedule and budget monitoring, coordination of involved parties, review of change orders and pay applications, punchlist review and closeout, and move coordination.

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