Carter Launches I.C.E. Program for Atlanta Youth

By Dorris Hollingsworth, vice president of human resources, Carter

ATLANTA (Sept. 29, 2011) – Integrity. Commitment. Excellence. These are values Carter has instilled in its associates and promoted in the community since the firm was founded in 1958.

Carter’s Floyd Hodge, a former Atlanta Falcon, is working to expand these efforts by spearheading the launch of the I.C.E. program targeting Atlanta high school students. Carter is hosting the I.C.E. series of speeches at Atlanta-area high schools.

Floyd did not have an easy road to the NFL. However, his persistence and commitment helped him achieve a successful career as a Falcon. Floyd opens each I.C.E. event with his personal story followed by a featured guest speaker who has impacted the Atlanta community through integrity, commitment and excellence.  

Carter launched the program on Sept. 15 at Therrell High School in southwest Atlanta.  At the first event, former Atlanta Falcon, Jessie “The Hammer” Tuggle, spoke to more than 100 high school students about the importance of setting and reaching goals. Tuggle did not have an easy road, but he worked diligently to bring his professional football goals into fruition.  He shared the inspiring story of his transformation from an average college athlete into a NFL powerhouse. (From left: Jessie Tuggle, Dorris Hollingsworth, Floyd Hodge)

Jessie Tuggle, Dorris Hoffingsworth, Floyd Hodge Tuggle closed his message with a call to action. Once you achieve success, no matter how big or small, you must remember to give back to your community. This message resonates with us at Carter because we believe community involvement is our obligation as a corporate citizen of the city of Atlanta.

Carter hosted the second speaker event at Mays High School last Thursday with featured speaker Michael Douglas, a former Harlem Globetrotter. In his speech that stressed the importance of education he reminded students, “Luck only happens when preparation and opportunity meet.” His interactive approach got students on their feet and motivated to reach their goals.

There will be a third event today at Carver High School featuring Kids and Pros Co-founder, Buddy Curry.  Carter associates are excited about the success and positive reception from the speaker series. The team is looking forward to continuing the momentum with bimonthly engagements.  


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