Carter Makes Starwood’s Vision a Realty

By: Amy Hunt, senior project manager at Carter

Carter provides project management support for Starwood Vacation Ownership for both corporate and resort end-users. We strategize with the facilities management team to balance multiple projects running concurrently at several properties covering a footprint from Hawaii to the US Virgin Islands.

Carter’s relationship with Starwood Vacation Ownership began in 2004 when we were hired to manage the design and construction of SVO’s regional office in Orlando, Fla. In 2007, Carter segued into the hospitality market by providing project management services to the Starwood team with a renovation project in Orlando at their original vacation ownership property, Sheraton Vistana Resort. This property contains 1,682 vacation ownership units ranging from 450 square foot studio villas to 1,200 square foot two-bedroom town homes.

The Sheraton Vistana Resort project includes nine phases of renovation including exterior painting, replacing HVAC systems, complete interior renovation, and design, fabrication and installation of custom interior furnishings. On average, the renovation team completes more than 42 units per month.

The Sheraton Vistana Resort project will be complete in August 2011. To date at this resort, approximately 84,100 vacationers have had an enhanced experience as a result of these recent improvements.

Although the technical expertise and vendor resources in the hospitality market differ from commercial office projects, Carter has demonstrated that their process management and strategic approach is customizable for successful results across different markets.

Carter has established a consistent and important partnership with Starwood Vacation Ownership and we look forward to strengthening this relationship as we continue to work with the company’s various properties in Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, South Carolina and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Amy Hunt joined Carter in 2005 with an extensive background in managing and coordinating interior construction projects. She has experience in managing a wide range of projects including Class-A corporate office, warehouse, medical facilities and hospitality resorts.




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