Carter Mentorship Success Story

Carter’s former graphic designer, Noel Mayeske, reconnects with Capitol View student

In 1993, Carter kicked off a partnership with Atlanta Public Schools, specifically Capitol View Elementary School, by implementing a mentoring program for at-risk children, which encouraged our associates to mentor students on company time for four hours a month throughout the school year.

Carter’s program had a huge impact on the students, including one in particular. Recently, former Carter associate Noel Mayeske, ran into Curtis Edgar, a student he mentored in the 3rd and 5th grades, when they both happened to be waiting for the same MARTA train. After their chance encounter, the two scheduled a time to reconnect and discuss where their lives had taken them.

As part of the mentoring program, Curtis was paired with Noel, a graphic designer, because he displayed great artistic ability. Nearly 12 years later, Curtis is planning to open his own graphic design-based agency due in part to his mentorship with Noel.

“It is an incredible and gratifying feeling to pursue your dreams, knowing that at any moment, that dream will manifest itself into reality,” Curtis said. “I was inspired by Noel, a hard working graphic designer but more importantly my childhood mentor, to consider graphic design as a possible career choice in later years. That monumental moment aided in shaping what has become my destiny.”
Throughout the school year, mentors were encouraged to help students prepare to achieve their goals through ensuring they understood the importance of doing well in school and how this would impact their future. Carter would discover the student’s interests and pair them with an associate with similar interests.

“The best part was seeing what the kids were interested in and helping them think of their future and how they’d make a living and have a career down the road,” said Noel, “Any success we had in that regard was satisfying. Even in 3rd grade Curtis was receptive to looking ahead. He was excited to have someone trying to augment what he was already passionate about.”

Noel oversaw the mentorship program from 1994-2008. Carter associates provided more than 10,000 hours of tutoring and mentoring through the Capitol View Elementary School and Carter partnership, which received Atlanta Partner for Education awards in 1998, 2003, 2005 and 2006. The program lasted for 18 years.

“Carter and its leaders placed an emphasis on community outreach,” Noel said. “They placed a special interest on schools and students and helping them think about their career opportunities. Carter deserves the credit for laying the groundwork with this program and encouraging its associates to be involved.”

“There are honestly not enough words to describe this feeling of the utmost elation, but, in short, this path I’ve taken has definitely been a phenomenal one, and I can only imagine where life will take me next,” Curtis said. “I am blessed to call Noel a mentor, and even more blessed to call him a friend.”

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