Carter’s Laura Swadel Quoted in Heartland Real Estate Business Magazine

Imagine being able to walk to the stadium of your favorite sports team from your apartment on game day. Mixed-use projects featuring retail and apartments, such as Carter’s The Banks, located in Columbus, Ohio, are popping up near sports arenas because of the desirable location and economic impact created by the stadiums.
An article in Heartland Real Estate Business Magazine’s November issue examined a variety of projects throughout the Midwest, including The Banks. “We were very inspired by what the city and county had already created,” said Laura Swadel, vice president of Carter. “They had set the table and we were basically filling in the blanks. It was also kind of unprecedented real estate to have 18 vacant acres on the waterfront.”

Phase II of the $600 million development is slated to begin in early 2013. It will include 300 apartment units and more than 60,000 square feet of street-level retail. To learn more about The Banks, read one of our previous blog posts. And be sure to check back in a few weeks to read the whole article when it goes live on Heartland Real Estate Business magazine’s website.

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