Carter Works with Trees Atlanta to Give Back to Community

By Jennie Rusciano, interiors project manager, Carter

On August 14, Carter associates turned out to assist Trees Atlanta in its efforts to help conserve Atlanta’s urban forest.  This project took place in the Westview neighborhood in southwest Atlanta. Luckily, the weather behaved in Carter’s favor as the light showers held off until we completed our work and watered the trees.

Trees atl Trees Atlanta has been improving Atlanta’s urban forest for the past 25 years, and its mission includes not only planting trees, but also educating the public about the need for trees in an urban environment and the ever-growing importance of caring for and protecting them.  Each weekend, Trees Atlanta focuses on at least one Atlanta neighborhood – planting trees in the spring, fall and winter and maintaining them in the summer when it is too hot to plant.

Carter’s Green Team organized our volunteer day. Carter associates assisted in pulling weeds and mulching trees – not very glamorous work, but very necessary for a tree’s survival.  Mulch was donated to Trees Atlanta for this effort and was spread around trees planted by Trees Atlanta volunteers in previous seasons.  

Even with just a small group of volunteers, we made a big impact.  Carter and other volunteer groups were able to care for all designated trees in the Westview neighborhood and even had mulch left over to help protect the community garden.  Thanks to those who made it out that day, 60 trees were cleaned and mulched, 120 buckets of were mulch filled and about 8,000 bug bites were endured.

Stay tuned for future opportunities to volunteer with Carter to help Trees Atlanta in their urban canopy effort – the weather is only going to get better and we promise to provide better bug spray!

To find out more about Trees Atlanta, visit where you can also sign up for the weekly newsletter. 

Jennie Rusciano has eight years of design and project management experience. Her primary focus is corporate and law firm work. To get involved in the next volunteer day, or provide general feedback on this event, please contact Jennie at [email protected].

Volunteers in above photo (right to left): Jennie Rusciano, Paige Harris, Jonathon Barge, Anne Lalinde and Peyton Barge.

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