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By Scott Taylor, president, Carter

Scott Taylor, President

The old adage says real estate’s all about location, location, location. While location is critical, now more than ever it’s about jobs, jobs, jobs. New jobs create demand for new office space, new homes and more retail.

So it’s great that, according to stories in The New York Times and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Metro Atlanta Chamber and metro business leaders are keenly focused on marketing our wonderful state and city to businesses. Both papers recently reported the highlights from the chamber’s New Economy Task Force Findings.

Because it’s key that we not only attract new jobs, but ones that are well paying and “different,” a concerted marketing effort from the state of Georgia and city of Atlanta is critical. 

The state and city have sound resources and assets to market when wooing new companies and jobs, including an incredible transportation network, strong medical community and lower cost of living. These resources, when coupled with what the report calls the “new economic development legislation” and the “alignment between metro Atlanta and state industries of focus” (which really means alignment of the capital city and the state!) should produce tangible results for all Georgians as we work through the “New Economy.”

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