Cool Medical Spaces Can Aid in Treatment

By Bill Morrison, senior vice president, Program Development Services

An unplanned trip to the doctor with your child is not a pleasant experience. I had one such trip early Saturday morning.  While the trip ended well for my daughter, the trip home resulted in an interesting conversation between us. 

While waiting, being examined, and treated, my daughter had been making mental notes of the rooms, the colors, and the things that she wondered about in the facility. She noted that while the medical activities and procedures had been scary and unpleasant,the exam room and waiting areas she was in were not intimidating. 

In fact, the rooms, the furnishings, and the spaces kept her mind occupied while she waited for three hours until we were able to go home.  

Through thoughtful development of the facility, the built environment had focused on treating mental well-being, allowing the medical staff to treat her physical well-being.  

Carter’s new strategic alliance with Align Healthcare focuses on the built environment for its medical clients-which include hospital systems and medical office buildings. With the primary goal of improving the patient and practitioner experience to give doctors and caregivers a class “A” work environment while allowing patients to benefit from well-designed and uplifting environments.  

Good space does not have to be expensive space but bad space can be costly to healthcare systems in negative patient impressions and reduced employee retention.  It is amazing what a positive environment can do for people’s attitude.  

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