Decatur Patch Interviews Carter’s Conor McNally


Conor McNally, chief development officer at Carter, recently spoke with the Decatur Patch about 315 West Ponce, a proposed $40 million mixed-use project that calls for the construction of 235 apartments and 10,000 square feet of retail.  

“Decatur has really become a destination within the metro Atlanta area,” McNally said. “You see that happening on the weekends where people will come in to have dinner from other parts of metro Atlanta. That’s one of the big things that is driving demand as we see it for these younger professionals to come in.”

Click here to read the story and watch the video.

The proposed 315 West Ponce building would include ground-level retail with four floors of apartments on top. Additionally, a parking deck would be constructed for the retail, existing office building and apartment residents to share.

“The economy has recovered a reasonable amount and the real estate market in Atlanta and nationally, particularly as it relates to rentals, has really come back,” McNally said. He also mentioned that there’s a growing trend among Millennials (Gen Y) looking to live in in-town, higher density locations and are choosing to rent versus buy. McNally told NPR last week that, “the younger professional demographic who we would target is making a conscious decision to  rent versus buy, even if they have the wherewithal to purchase.” Check out our previous blog post to listen to the story.
Patch additionally published a story yesterday about the impact the development will have on local schools.

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