Decatur Ranked Top 10 Neighborhood

Decatur, Home of Carter’s Newest Multi-Family Project, Ranked As Top 10 U.S. “Great Neighborhood”

It’s no secret that Decatur is a great place to live, work and play – it’s just one of the many reasons we chose the neighborhood for our newest mixed-use, multi-family project.

Curbed Atlanta recently reported that Decatur was named in the Top 10 “great neighborhoods” in the United States last week by the American Planning Association, an independent nonprofit that pushes for smart community development. On the topics of Decatur’s character and foresight in planning to ward off the soul-sucking effects of suburbanization, the APA admired: “Constantly changing and evolving, downtown Decatur’s character comes from the successful marriage of historic and contemporary buildings and uses,” researchers wrote. “The emergence of downtown as a dynamic and prosperous neighborhood spans more than three decades and is a story of planning, commitment, patience, and investment.”

Above: Construction site progress at 315 W Ponce in Decatur (photo from Decatur Metro)

The article continues to note that the true feather in Decatur’s cap, according to the APA, was the completion of MARTA station upgrades in 2007. “The station — which connects Decatur to Atlanta and lies beneath Old Courthouse Square, the neighborhood’s living room — had been an aesthetic concern since it opened in 1979,” the APA writes. “During the past 25 years, the city secured more than $10 million to improve the station and enhance the surrounding streetscape.” What’s more, the APA tabulated more than 150 unique, locally owned restaurants and businesses in downtown Decatur.

In similar news, the Decatur-Avondale Estates Patch reported over the weekend that Decatur is a model city when it comes to walkability and promoting economic activity. The Walkable Urban Places study, by Chris Leinberger, found there are 24 such regions inside the Perimeter, including Decatur. “WalkUPs,” as they’re called, will drive tomorrow’s national real estate industry trends and the economy, Leinberger predicts.

In a previous blog post, Carter shared that our project scored a high walkability score of 85.

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