Dorris Hollingsworth Goes On-Air with Career Advice

Carter Vice President Dorris Hollingsworth was the expert guest on the very first edition of Today’s Workplace, a weekly radio show on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel about workplace issues. Hosted by Emory Mulling, the founder of Atlanta-based executive coaching and career transition firm, Mulling Corporation, Today’s Workplace offers solutions to workplace issues.

Hollingsworth_dorris_colorThanks to her 20 years of experience and expertise in the organizational development, HR operations, talent development, mediation and employment law, Hollingsworth was a perfect candidate for Mulling to invite to the show.   

During the show, Mulling and Hollingsworth discussed topics like how to handle gaps in employment, what to do when you feel unchallenged at work, resume building and networking, and interview etiquette.  Hollingsworth addressed questions from listeners such as “Which industries have the most jobs?” and “What should I do if I’m an older person looking for work?”

Her appearance shed an optimistic light on a time of economic struggle.  “I think the challenge for people in this economy is to really kind of figure out how their particular skill set fits in,” she said, “and also be willing to pick up and learn some new competencies, to develop new areas of expertise.”

Tune in to hear more from Hollingsworth:

Hollingsworth was also featured again on the show on April 30, discussing when it’s right to make a career change:


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