Fortifying Brand Critical, Especially During Downturn

By Bob Peterson, chairman and CEO, Carter

Earlier this month, Henry Unger, a veteran Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter, editor and now blogger, asked me how the current recession compared with the others I’ve seen since I got into the business world in 1974.

Unfortunately, the answer was easy. This recession is the worst I’ve seen, and not just in the real estate market. All aspects of the country’s economy are being adversely affected by the economic slowdown.

Henry also asked me about what lessons I’ve learned from this and other recessions. The answer is that a company’s brand is vitally important, especially when the economy is lousy and corporations and money managers across the country are being battered and even jailed for their shenanigans. 

As a result, the market is seeking stability, credibility and integrity from their service providers, and Carter is extremely well positioned to deliver.

At Carter, we’ve been able to fortify our brand during this slowdown by creating value for our clients, forming new strategic alliances and making key hires. We’ll get through this mess and be well-positioned to take advantage of the upturn that always follows an economic slump.

You can read the full column from Henry Unger here.

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