Gavin’s Wish Revealed

By: Colleen Voisin, administrative assistant, Carter

On Aug. 1, 3-year-old Gavin, was rustled out of his home to see family members and volunteers full of cheers and tears.  As Gavin peered through the crowd he spotted something in the distance he had been wanting for a long time, his very own outdoor play set.  

Gavin16  Much to Gavin and his family’s avail this was not just any ordinary play set that sat before their eyes, but the entire back yard had been transformed into a dinosaur playground.  

The sounds of jungle noises filled the air as Gavin stepped onto the dinosaur footprint stepping stones and ran to explore his new playhouse.  His exploration continued as he discovered a sand box filled with bones, a discovery trail with educational facts and fossils, an array of bugs, lizards and birds hanging from the trees as well as and a large dinosaur nest filled with eggs. Gavin’s next stop was to inspect the 6-foot dinosaur cutouts handcrafted especially for him.   

Our volunteers worked tirelessly to pull this wish together, and it was truly an amazing display of teamwork.  Neither heat nor rain could keep our associates from making this wish come true.  We had great hands-on support from our staff as well as vendor donations. Thank you to all who participated to make Gavin’s Wish a reality.

Gavin19 After Gavin and his family had a chance to take it all in, Gavin’s father, Andre sent this message to Carter, “First, let me mention Gavin has been on his new playground at 8:30 a.m. every morning this week.  Our neighbors have been over three times in as many days.  And, on behalf of April and I, we thank you with all our hearts for what you did for Gavin.”

Make-A-Wish Foundation was selected as Carter’s primary charity partner in 2007 and Gavin’s wish is our 16th wish in 3 years. For more information about Make-A-Wish Foundation, visit

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