Hard Knocks at The Banks

HBO’s Show on NFL Teams Filmed at Carter’s Development in Cincinnati

Current at The Banks is now Carter’s newest TV star. The development was recently filmed and aired on HBO’s “Hard Knocks”, as the show followed the Cincinnati Bengals as they prepared for their upcoming football season. The Banks makes its debut in Episode 1, where Head Coach Marvin Lewis and the Bengals kick off training camp at Paul Brown Stadium, adjacent to The Banks.

Above: Giovani on his balcony overlooking Paul Brown Stadium

Giovani Bernard, a Current at The Banks resident and Bengals running back, is shown in the show writing love notes to his girlfriend and training to become one of the team’s most important weapons. Mike Brown, owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, says, “He’s going to give us a lot of spark.”

Above: On the balcony, overlooking Smale Park, Giovani talks to other residents at the pool below

Upon seeing his new apartment for the first time, Giovani says, “This is perfect. This is my new home in Cincinnati. I’m super excited.” He walks over to the balcony and gives a “who dey!” to the pool patrons below, who respond enthusiastically.

Above: Residents relax at the pool at Current at The Banks

Current at The Banks Sales Manager, Leslie Gieske, was present while the show was filming. “We got a great response from residents. In fact, I think residents were on ‘the look out’ for camera crews,” she said. “A large portion of our community is not from Cincinnati originally, but even they were excited to see what was going on in their neighborhood. I think it created a few new Bengals fans. You never know when you could see one of your favorite Bengal players walking out the front door of our building followed by a few cameramen.”

The Banks has been a popular place for Bengal players, as several others opened an Orange Leaf frozen yogurt store last year. According to Cincy Jungle, those Bengals players are: Frostee Rucker (former defensive end) along with Robert Geathers (defensive end), Kevin Huber (punter) and Pat Sims (former defensive tackle).

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