Hartsfield Centre Awarded LEED for Existing Building Certification

By Jonathon Barge, vice president of program development services, Carter

ATLANTA (May 16, 2012) – At Carter, we are committed to sustainability and take pride in improving efficiency in many of our buildings.

HCAs part of the Carter Program Development Services group, we provide LEED consulting services to improve a building’s operations and maintenance practices. Working alongside property managers, we act as LEED Administrator and develop, execute and document the overall sustainable strategy in order to achieve certification.

As an example, Alecta Real Estate recently hired Carter to take one of its non-LEED certified buildings – Hartsfield Centre – and achieve LEED certification. Built in 1990, Hartsfield Centre is an eight-story, 147,000- square-foot office tower adjacent to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport owned by Alecta and managed by Cassidy Turley.  The building earned ENERGY STAR certification in 2010 and maintained it with an improved score in 2011. To further its green footprint and commitment to sustainability, Alecta enlisted Carter to serve as LEED Administrator and execute a sustainable strategy that would ultimately lead to certification. 

Working closely with Cassidy Turley General Manager Sarah Matthews and Ernest Carson, chief engineer, we completed several projects to improve the building’s utility efficiency, including replacing all toilets and urinals with low-flow fixtures to improve water efficiency by more than 30 percent.  We also determined the building was a candidate for retro-commissioning, which continues to be a growing trend for building owners. Retro-commissioning is the process of tuning up a building to get peak performance out of all the systems and ultimately reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Read more on retro-commissioning here

In addition to greater utility efficiency, the team implemented sustainable practices in the daily operation of the building, including the use of recycled paper products as well as green cleaning supplies and pest control products.  Enhanced refrigerant management, reduced mercury in lighting, waste recycling, and renewable energy were other sustainable building features that contributed to the certification.

Our work on the project was critical to achieving LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Carter’s “go beyond green” mission, or Environmental Optimization practice, is one we exercise regularly and also strive towards on all our new and existing building projects. Hartsfield Centre is a prime example of how organizations can work together to make sustainability an ongoing priority.  When an owner and a management team are committed to sustainable improvements the way Alecta and Cassidy Turley demonstrated, it generates positive environmental and operational cost impact.  The sustainable practices and building improvements not only reduced the operational costs of Hartsfield Centre, but also provided building tenants with a healthier indoor environment.

Our experience in developing more than 40 LEED projects across multiple LEED programs enables clients like Alecta to better achieve sustainable success.

Sustainable Investment Group also assisted with the ENERGY STAR certification and retro-commissioning efforts. 

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