Inside Carter | Meet Chelsea Holmes

Every other week we’ll profile a different member of the Carter team, giving you a little glimpse inside the personalities that make our company so robust and unique. This week we are getting to know: Chelsea Holmes, marketing coordinator. If you missed our last Inside Carter post, click here.

1. How did you end up in commercial real estate?
Fate! And a marketing coordinator job posting on LinkedIn.

2. What’s one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?
I am the oldest of four, with three younger brothers. There’s only six years between myself and my youngest brother. I don’t know how my mom handled us!

3. Best part of your job here at Carter?
I haven’t been here very long, but there’s a great atmosphere here. Everyone is friendly and passionate about the company and the work they do for Carter.

4. Who has been the most influential person in your career?
My dad. He’s worked for companies like IBM, Home Depot and PWC over the years, and he’s always pushing to me to work harder and set high goals for myself and my career. He also taught me to never stop learning.

5. Where in the world are you headed on your next vacation?
My boyfriend and I recently got back from a whirlwind 4-day vacation in Puerto Rico. Next up – Hawaii or St. Thomas!

6. What did you want to grow up to be?
An artist. I quickly realized I lacked any talent with a paintbrush, however.

7. If you could have lunch with a famous person – dead or alive – who would it be and why?
Andy Goldsworthy – the first “favorite artist” I had as a child.

8. Are you a social media user? Which platforms?
As a marketing professional, I have to be! I’m constantly monitoring all types of platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, FourSquare… you name it, I’m there.

9. What’s on your bucket list that you’d like to share?
I actually don’t have a bucket list. I live life day-by-day and do my best to enjoy the little things.

10. Favorite thing about Atlanta?
The restaurants! Our current favorites are Bocado and Holeman+Finch – my friends and I are there at least once a week. Next on our list is The Optimist.

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