Inside Carter | Meet Gil Patterson

Every other week we’ll profile a different member of the Carter team, giving you a little glimpse inside the personalities that make our company so robust and unique. This week we are getting to know: Gil Patterson, chief financial officer. If you missed our last Inside Carter post, click here.

1. How did you end up in this industry?
I got into real estate because I enjoyed being a part of creating something tangible that others could see and use. So when I started my accounting career, the CPA firm I worked for allowed me to select real estate as my area of specialty and the rest as they say is history.

2. What’s one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you? 
I was fortunate enough to play Augusta National. I had just taken up golf about a year before I played the course but I was fully aware of its history so I was in total awe of walking the same holes as Nicklaus, Watson, Palmer, and many of golf’s other great players. My best hole was the 12th hole because I made par and it is considered one of the hardest holes on the course.

3. Best part of your job here at Carter?
Having such an enjoyable place to work because of the great people and the opportunity to contribute to the success of our company.

4. Who has been the most influential person in your career?
My parents. My dad taught me to work hard no matter what the circumstances are in order to achieve my goals and my mom taught me about understanding and relating to people. They both taught me to be respectful of others and that optimism has a brighter future than pessimism.

5. Where in the world are you headed on your next vacation?
Hopefully a beach somewhere but it may remain the junior tennis tournament circuit of cities until my kids are in college. Once they get to college, it will be nice having family vacations again.

6. What did you want to grow up to be?
An astronaut.

7. If you could have lunch with a famous person – dead or alive – who would it be and why? 
Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. When I was a little kid, America’s space program was always in the news and when they talked about landing a man on the moon I dreamed of being that person. I would love to know what it was really like to be the first person to set foot on the moon and to better understand what it took to achieve that incredible accomplishment.

8. Are you a social media user? Which platforms?
Not really. I tried Facebook when my kids wanted to have their own accounts so that I could better understand what they were getting into. That is the extent of my social media use.

9. What’s on your bucket list that you’d like to share?
I would love to visit the ancient ruins of Rome, Greece, and Egypt. It fascinates me how their societies figured out how to build some amazing structures using complicated engineering and without any of our modern technology.

10. Favorite thing about Atlanta?
The people, the food, all of the fun things to do, and its central location to so many places.

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