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Every other week we’ll profile a different member of the Carter team, giving you a little glimpse inside the personalities that make our company so robust and unique. This week we are getting to know: John Carter, who leads the Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT, Inc. If you missed our first Inside Carter post, click here.

1. How did you end up in commercial real estate?
In the early 1980s, I graduated from college. I got married, bought my first real estate investment (my home) and began my career as a middle market lender at Citicorp in New York. As it turned out, most of what I did at the bank was tax-shelter and other real estate loans. On the weekends Gael, my wife, and I renovated our 50-year-old home. We sold our home two years later for twice what we paid for it (four times more than we both made working full-time). I decided to quit banking and go to business school, and then moved to real estate full-time. After five years of banking, I thought that the real estate guys were having a lot more fun than the bankers.

2. What’s one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?
I am the oldest son in a family of 12 children. I am no relation to Frank Carter, one of the founders of Carter.

3. Best part of your job here at Carter?
The people. We have an amazing team of people at Carter. To be happy in our careers we need to like what we do and enjoy the people we work with. At Carter, we have both. During my 12 years at Carter, my focus has been on creating and building business that leverage our team’s experience and abilities. I think we can become the best at whatever we decide we want to do.

4. Who has been the most influential person in your career?
My father, John B. Carter. While he passed away at only 54, he lived one of the fullest lives I have seen. He was a father of 12, the youngest president and CEO of Equitable Life, served on many boards at major companies such as General Electric and Proctor & Gamble, and worked to contribute significantly to his community and church. All through my life my father told and showed me that “attitude is everything.”  It is not what you are given, it is what you do with it that counts! His lessons have served me well throughout my career.

5. Where in the world are you headed on your next vacation?
Our next family trip will be to Boston for our oldest daughter’s wedding in March. I expect this be our most memorable family trip.

6. What did you want to grow up to be?
A good husband, a good father, happy and successful.

7. If you could have lunch with a famous person – dead or alive – who would it be and why?
Robert King Carter, Virginia colonist and real estate tycoon, as well as second generation within the Carter family lineage. He served as acting Governor of Virginia from 1726 to 1727, as well as president of the Governor’s Council. Additionally, he was a businessman who became one of the wealthiest men in the colonies.

8. Are you a social media user? Which platforms?
Not yet. I have decided to leave that to my kids and my wife. Right now keeping up with my family and work require my full focus. As my kids grow up and leave home, I will start using social media to stay connected.

9. What’s on your bucket list that you’d like to share?
Seeing my kids grown and happy,  and being part of the team that takes Carter to the next level.

10. Favorite thing about Atlanta?
I like Atlanta’s size which supports great diversity and opportunity. I grew up outside New York City and started my career in the city. The big city was a great place to work and build. Now that I live and work in Tampa, Atlanta has become the big city. 

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