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“We are excited for the opportunity to promote these seven hard-working and deserving individuals, who share the ability to understand our business and make contributions at a high level,” said Scott Taylor, president of Carter. “Carter is fortunate to have Matt, Renee, Lindsey, Jacole, Michael, Jack and Lauren on our team and playing such a big role in our future.”

Matt Delicata, vice president, will focus on identifying, underwriting and due diligence for prospective investments. In his prior role as director, he provided analysis on opportunistic real estate investments. 

Renee Carter,
senior property manager, will oversee operations and management of a 29-building nationwide portfolio of data centers and medical office buildings valued at $663M. 

Lauren Cottingham,
senior project manager, will be responsible for monitoring design and construction for a variety of projects for educational institutions. 

Jacole Todd,
human resources director, will lead human resource strategy and delivery for Carter, providing direction on organizational development and management. She had served as human resources manager since 2012. 

Michael Benton,
director of information technology, will oversee day-to-day IT operations at Carter as well as the strategic planning for the company’s IT infrastructure and services. Since joining the firm in 2006, he has served Carter as database and system administrator. 

Jack Dellecker,
senior development associate, joined Carter’s development team in early 2014 as an intern. In his new role, he will provide comprehensive market analysis and thorough underwriting to assist Carter in the acquisition of all asset classes within Carter’s portfolio. 

Lauren Guilbeau,
human resources coordinator, will be responsible for administration and support for all human resources department programs, including recruiting, associate communications, state and federal compliance, and more. 

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