Interiors Team Completes Three Projects Across Atlanta

By Donna West, senior project manager, Carter

ATLANTA (Feb. 24, 2011) -The Interiors team is proud to report three renovation projects were completed in the final quarter of 2010. They include 22squared, LogistiCare and RMI. See their stories below.

22squared (pictured below)

22squared pic 2 When 22squared, an advertising agency headquartered in Atlanta, was in the midst of evaluating whether or not to relocate their office space to another building in Atlanta or renew their lease at their existing building, they decided to bring Carter on board in July 2009 as their project manager.  After much research, 22squared decided to stay at 1170 Peachtree and complete a two phase renovation of their existing space.  The design phase completed in July 2010 and in August, construction commenced. Carter is proud to report employees did not experience loss in productivity during this complex 50,000-square-foot renovation.  We were able to successfully create swing space for employees during the complete gut and renovation of their existing office space and now 22squared staff is enjoying their updated home.  22squared is the first tenant in the Proscenium going for LEED certification.

“Carter was an instrumental partner during our office project – they provided invaluable counsel, direction, and project management of a complex and multi faceted project.  We would not have been successful with out Carter,” said Mike Grindell, EVP and Chief Administrative Officer of 22squared. “They provided experienced direction and management of everything – design, moves, construction, LEED, detail pricing management and furniture decisions and implementation.  Carter was a true partner and friend during our project.”


When their lease was up for their offices located near Hartsfield-Jackson Airport LogistiCare, a company focused in non-emergency transportation management, decided to move north to Midtown.  When 1275 Peachtree was selected for their new office space, formerly the home of Carter headquarters, LogistiCare hired Carter to manage a 25,000-sqaure-foot renovation.  The project started in September 2010 and the company moved in shortly after in late December. 

Railcar Management Incorporated (RMI)

RMI recently moved from their long-time home in Peachtree Palisades to the Prominence building in Buckhead.  However, before their big move, Carter managed the renovation of their new 35,000-square-foot office space.  The project that began in June 2010 was not the first time Carter and RMI worked together.  The relationship actually dates back to the late 90’s and in 2005, Carter renovated 12,000 square feet of their space in Peachtreee Palisades.  To read more about our recent projects with RMI, see my blog post from August 25.  

“RMI has engaged the services of Carter’s Project Management Team on a number of complex and diverse construction and relocation projects in Atlanta and Jacksonville, Florida dating as far back as the late 90’s,” said James Day, senior vice president and chief financial officer for RMI.  “The Project Manager handling our most recent projects in Jacksonville and Atlanta was Donna West. Donna’s experience with complex projects of this nature not only saved us thousands of construction and relocation dollars, but also insured that our projects remained on schedule while saving countless internal resource hours that would have otherwise been expended.”    

Thanks for the kudos, Mike and James.  We always enjoy working with you and your teams!

More about Interiors Project Management Team

Carter’s interiors project management team actively manages every aspect of our clients interior projects, including build-outs and renovations. Delivering one million square feet each year, our team has a broad range of experience in a large variety of product types and client situations. With several LEED- and Green Globe-certified interiors projects, we are experts in creating sustainable interior environments.

By maintaining a laser focus on our clients’ goals and objectives, we allow clients to spend their time on their core business.

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