Mathematics Boot Camp for Capitol View Elementary

By Jacqueline Lunsford, accounting assistant, Carter

ATLANTA (May 12, 2011) – Almost two decades ago, Carter formed a partnership with Capitol View Elementary, a public school in downtown Atlanta. Today, Carter associates are still volunteering to tutor and mentor Capitol View’s students.  This spring, I had the opportunity to be a part of this Carter tradition by volunteering to tutor during the school’s Mathematics Boot Camp. What a rewarding experience!

Carter Volunteers for Capitol View Math Boot Camp This camp was structured to help third, fourth and fifth-graders prepare for the annual CRCTC testing. These tests help identify individual student strengths and weaknesses while gauging the quality of education throughout Georgia.

With over 50 students in attendance, the Carter volunteers were blown away by the students’ excitement and willingness to learn. I’m not sure I would have been as eager to practice long division and multiplication problems on a Saturday morning when I was their age! We worked with students who needed individual help, but we all enjoyed moving around the room to make sure each student received some extra attention.  Both the teachers and students were appreciative that we took time out of our day to help them prepare for their upcoming tests. 

We are all looking forward to working with Capitol View Elementary again soon and continuing to strengthen Carter’s partnership with the school. We feel our relationships with the students we’ve worked with, both throughout the year and during the math camp, has been a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience. I will never forget the staff and students gathering around the front door of the school and waving goodbye as we left!

Strategic Partnerships with Capitol View’s Elementary

In 1993, Carter kicked-off a partnership that still thrives today with Capitol View Elementary, a public school in downtown Atlanta. Carter implemented a mentoring program for at-risk children, which encourages associates to mentor children on company time for four hours a month throughout the school year. Carter associates have provided over 10,000 hours of tutoring and mentoring and participate in special events, including job shadowing, Principal-for-a-Day and Career Day. Carter associates have also contributed funds for a new playground and computer equipment for the school. 

Carter has won several awards through its partnership with Capitol View, including the 2006 Career Connection Partnership Award and the 2005 Summa Cum Laude Partnership Award, both from Atlanta Partners for Education.

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