Multi-Family Marketing – Part II

Guest Blogger Kristi Fickert Joins Us Again

Last week, we welcomed Kristi Fickert, senior regional sales and marketing director of Village Green, as our first guest blogger. This week, she shares her insight into leasing new luxury apartment products such as Carter’s Current at The Banks and Highpoint on Columbus Commons:

Current at The Banks in Cincinnati, Ohio, which includes 300 units, was one of the most successful lease-up projects in the nation, reaching stabilized occupancy just four months after first units were delivered. This success wasn’t achieved through traditional advertising campaigns.

Instead, most scheduled advertising campaigns were cancelled and our sales team focused on corporate outreach, including meeting with local companies and organizations, building relationships with key personnel and reaching out to the referrals. Our efforts generated enough traffic to help make The Banks project one of the fastest lease-up projects we’ve ever been involved in. The community still averages 100 percent occupancy nearly two years later.

As we gear up for our next new construction apartment project in Columbus, Ohio – Highpoint on Columbus Commons – our marketing team continues to focus on creating value for the customer. Like other luxury brands, such as Nordstrom and Ritz-Carlton, we have to offer more than just “the product” to our customer. It’s showing customers they are not just renting an apartment, but rather a lifestyle that includes additional services, amenities and benefits not found in other communities. For example, we offer full-time concierge services, discounts at major retailers, online rent-payment options, job transfer options, roommate rewards and of course, first-class customer service.

The best way we can market our upscale, urban communities is to take better care of the customer than the competition. The more touch points we create for our customers, the more likely they are to connect with us. These are the things that market our apartments. Written thank-you notes are still a must and without well-placed signage nobody would be able to find us; however, when we do the “little things” right, they can make a big impact on the bottom line. This is where the true value is created, and it’s how we create a lifestyle that people truly want to rent in today’s market – at an average of $1,700/month.

To read Part I of Kristi’s blog and learn more about her experience and background, click here.

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