New York Times Article Says Cincinnati Experiencing A Strong Revival

Carter’s Mixed-Use Development Playing a Pivotal Role in the City’s Upturn

A New York Times piece on the revitalization of Cincinnati’s riverfront pays tribute to The Banks, Carter’s major mixed-use development on the banks of the Ohio River.

The article, entitled “An Ohio River City Comes Back to Its Shoreline,” traces Cincinnati’s history as a once-thriving port city that had fallen on hard times.  Recently however, construction and development along the waterfront in Cincinnati are creating a new, invigorated neighborhood, and as the article referenced, “a new era of dynamism in the Ohio River cities.”

Banks329The story features The Banks as one of the most momentous developments to go in along the Ohio River, becoming part of a revival in business and residential growth in Cincinnati.  The third-largest city on the Ohio River, Cincinnati now has 80,000 downtown jobs, some of which can be credited to The Banks.  The story also notes The Banks currently boasts an impressive 92 percent leased retail space and a 66-person waiting list for apartments.New York Times reporter Keith Schneider mentioned Carter Vice President Laura Swadel , who explained “that putting so many ‘built assets’ together along an impressive river is proving to be very attractive to businesses and residents,” referring to the many amenities The Banks offers, all with waterfront views.

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory agreed that developments like The Banks have had a profound impact on the city.

“We’re seeing a new Cincinnati coming from all this,” Mallory said. 

The Banks continues to drive people to the area, significantly contributing to the economic success of the community.

Click here for the full story. 


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