Rave Reviews for College of Coastal Georgia’s First Student Housing Facility

By Katie Morin, senior marketing coordinator, Carter

ATLANTA (Aug. 16, 2011) – This past weekend, students at the College of Coastal Georgia moved into the college’s first student housing project. Now more than ever, quality student housing is a major factor in attracting and retaining students. Students are no longer basing their college decision on academic and athletic programs. The majority of today’s students grew up with their own rooms, bathrooms and electronics.  They don’t expect to share a community bathroom and small living quarters. As a result, many colleges and universities are renovating and/or building new student housing facilities to accommodate the evolving needs of students.

College of Coastal Georgia As project manager for the new facility, Carter is pleased to help College of Coastal Georgia meet the demands of its growing student body and assist the college in the advancement of its strategic administrative goals.

Back in June, students got excited about the new residence hall during orientation and now they are enjoying suite style living with individual bedrooms and a common living area. Check out this article that appeared in Jacksonville.com to read more about the college’s first student housing facility and students’ reactions.


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