Real Estate Forum Names Bob Peterson one of "Atlanta’s Real Estate Icons"

Carter CEO Bob Peterson has been named an Atlanta Real Estate Icon. The story appears in the June issue of Real Estate Forum magazine and opens with a salute to the Atlanta real estate market, which, according to the article, “has an ability to abound and rebound over the past few decades” thanks not only to location, but to the professionals who helped shape it.

Peterson, who became CEO of Carter in 2001, has led the formation of Carter Real Estate funds, the firm’s first opportunitic value-added real estate investment vehicle. During his tenure, Carter has also expanded business in healthcare and data centers, and launched The Banks, an $800-million mixed-use development in Cincinnati.

Peterson is featured alongside Atlanta real estate legends like Hal Barry, John Portman, Tom Cousins, and Ray Weeks, who, like Peterson, have all made incredible contributions to the Atlanta market. 

To read the full article, click here. 

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