Reflections on The Banks as Project Rolls Forward

By Bill Morrison, senior vice president, Program Development Services

BillMorrisonJPG CINCINNATI (Aug. 14, 2009) – On a recent Friday afternoon in downtown Cincinnati, I stood on the banks of the Ohio River overlooking the site of The Banks development.  

The Banks, Carter’s $800 million, mixed-use project, is nine months into construction, and excitement about the development is growing in throughout the region. On this particular day, the Cincinnati Reds have a day game in the Great American Ballpark across the street, and families are streaming past our project. Kids stop to look at the renderings on the project signs and parents try to explain how the construction behind the fence will create the buildings in the renderings.  

The Banks_aerial_16664-002 “Cool”, “pretty”, “Awesome”, are the exclamations we can hear.  The kids are right, it really is cool and awesome.

The Banks is one of the largest mixed-use projects that is financed and moving forward in this economic downturn. We are managing city, county, and our own interests as well as coordinating with a new river front park project and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.  

There really is not another project in the country to compare to the complexity and the number of stakeholders involved in this project. It is fun to be part of a national leader like The Banks project.

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