Social Madness Begins

Carter Profiled For Social Madness Competition

Carter is featured on the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s website today for our participation in the Social Madness Competition. Carter was one of 60 Atlanta companies selected to participate in the annual competition. Click here to see the story.

Carter has been at the forefront of social media for the commercial real estate community, establishing a presence in 2009.  Our social media platforms positively promote the essence of the Carter brand as a bold investor, developer and advisor. Social media helps to drive corporate business objectives, promote brand recognition and position our company as a real estate expert and thought leader in the industry.

Here’s a look back at why we were early adopters:

1.  Social media is here to stay. There are more Gen Y-ers in the workplace who rely on technology to perform their work. They require authenticity and integrity. And they interact via social media. Businesses must embrace social media to attract and retain top talent.

2.  Our people. Associates are the bedrock of our company. To showcase that, we used the Carter Blog and Facebook to tell stories and show our personality. We wanted to put a human face on our brand.  

3.  Promote and position our brand. We knew we needed to lay our brand foundation via our online presence in order to stay relevant. The Carter Blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the platforms we chose to promote our brand and manage our reputation.

4.  Engage our audience. We recognized that people were increasingly utilizing social media to communicate with one another. In order to stay in contact with our clients and prospects, and show them who we are and how we do things, we used the Blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Referrals are a large part of the commercial real estate business, and social media is all about referrals.

5.  Project success. We regularly use social media to promote our projects such as The Banks, Highland Square and Highpoint on Columbus Commons. We have seen tremendous success from linking between project and corporate posts, allowing us to cross-promote both our corporate brand and specific projects. In fact, our off-campus student-housing project at Ole Miss, Highland Square, is currently 95% leased, and Current at The Banks, a multi-family development project, reached stabilized occupancy just four months after the first residential units were delivered.

We will continue to invest time and resources in our social media efforts. When used properly and effectively, social media can help commercial real estate companies and professionals build brand awareness; generate website traffic; create excitement for a project before the dirt even moves; build a grass roots support campaign around a project that might meet pushback; connect with prospects; and ultimately increase visibility online.Since we adopted social media, the attitude in the commercial real estate industry has certainly evolved over the past three years. Many have put their skepticism aside and even hired social media managers. But the opportunity for improvement is substantial. 

To hear more about why Carter got involved with social media, click here.

And be sure to go vote for us by clicking here! You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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