T5 Shares Data Center Expertise in Site Selection Magazine

ATLANTA (March 12, 2010) – Pete Marin, president of T5 Partners, a key strategicalliance partner of Carter’s, penned an editorial piece on data centers forSite Selection magazine.

Pete Marin T5  The article, “Data center site selection for largecorporations wanting to own their own facilities comes down to several basicfactors,” appears in the March edition.

In the piece Marin, left, walks executives through the process of siteselection for data centers, with insights into some of the unique elements ofwhich they should be aware, including geographic diversity preferences,disaster avoidance and cost and availability of power.

Marin’s piece goes on to talk about some of theopportunities in data center development, pointing out that in the recession,few companies have committed resources to expanding their data capacity at atime when the way people use the Internet and store data has changeddrastically.

“The combination of volume growth and price increases in thedata center market has driven industry revenue from $1.5 billion in ’06 to[$3.2. billion in 2010.] [2010 projection.] This is just for Wholesale and Collocationdata centers.  New construction forLarge Enterprise data centers is currently estimated at $5 [billion]-$6 billionin 2010 and expected to double to $10 [billon]-$12 billion by 2015,” Marinnoted in Site Selection.

He points to North Carolina as one of the states that hasall of the pieces in place for future growth in data centers. Site Selection magazine chose Marin because of his expertise in this particulararena.

To view the article, visit Site Selection and go to page 278. The magazine starts on Page 130, for the record.

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