The Banks Continues to Build Excitement

By: Trent Germano, vice chairman at Carter

Below is an excerpt from Cincy Magazine’s recent article, “Rollin’ On The River” which discusses what is going on at The Banks. Carter is excited to have the opportunity to work on this development and we look forward to seeing the completed project.

“Trent Germano surveys The Banks construction site, noticing piled bricks, skeletal scaffolding and wooden beams have materialized since he last landed in Cincinnati. The progress is impressive to Germano, vice chairman of Carter, one of The Banks’ development companies. It’s only been a week since his last visit. The Atlanta-based developer has traveled here so often in the last three years that the staff at the hotel knows him by name. He enjoys a good baseball game. He and Reds owner Bob Castellini exchange stories about their children.

Banks_TrentGermanoAnd this time, Germano has brought some humid Georgia weather to Cincinnati — a sticky day for early September. Though the climate is out of kilter, the sprouting structures surrounding him, he says, are right on schedule.

“Look at all our customers out here that see us every day,” Germano observes of the scores of workers in the glossy skyscrapers looming overhead.

Customers, indeed. Cincinnati has endured a long and tortuous wait for this development on the banks of the Ohio River. Now, that it’s unfolding, what has the process been like? What can those customers expect? Germano is the man to ask.

A Site Like None Other

When the Carter team considered developing Cincinnati’s riverfront, they had to wonder: What’s wrong with this spot? Why has no one touched it in all these years? Of course, there were reasons it had not sprung new development, but there were significantly more reasons to do it, Germano says.

“It was interesting to us, because you won’t find a site like this anywhere in the country. The idea of filling in this palette with the riverfront, the [central business district], the stadium and the new park, it was just a great opportunity.”

Despite a down market, Carter and The Dawson Company sat down to the table and shaped a vision for the area, wedged between Great American Ball Park and Paul Brown Stadium. Their hopes for entertainment, restaurants, bars and a park are being realized, though other ideas are on hold until the economy is mended.”

To read the full article, visit Cincy Magazine’s website.

As vice chairman, Trent Germano focuses on Carter’s highest priority development and investment opportunities. He is the senior-most member of Carter’s project and program management team, and provides leadership and technical expertise to the entire group. He has been involved in managing the development of over 20 million square feet of office, retail, institutional and industrial space and is currently leading or involved in a number of projects. Trent joined Carter in 1988 and was named partner in 1997.

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