Turner Field Community Conversation Follow-Up

Turner Field Community Conversation Follow-Up

By: Malloy Peterson, Senior Vice President, Carter

On Tuesday, June 2nd, Carter hosted a Community Conversation on the redevelopment of Turner Field with its proposed development team partners.  We sincerely appreciated getting the opportunity to garner input from over 150 area residents.  As a follow-up from that meeting, we would like to share with you this open letter to the community. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.   

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June 19, 2015

Dear Turner Field Area Residents:

On behalf of our project team, we would like to follow-up with you about our June 2 community conversation concerning the potential redevelopment of Turner Field. We extend a sincere thank-you to the 150 residents who attended the meeting and openly shared their opinions about this historic redevelopment opportunity.  As we stated at the meeting, we are seeking to actively engage with the community in an inclusive and transparent planning process which prioritizes and maximizes opportunities to provide benefits to the area at several levels.

While we have spent many months following this opportunity and engaging with small groups in the community, our team initiated our first real planning effort in early June.  After the community conversation, we commenced a three-day design charrette, which included representatives from each of the proposed development team partners, over 18 architects from seven firms, elected officials, civic/neighborhood leaders and stakeholders.  The primary goal of this exercise was to begin to examine what was possible on the site from a design perspective.  That activity allowed us to advance several potential plans which we would like to further explore in the days and months to come.

We are eager to share the results of these sessions with residents of the adjacent neighborhoods in a comfortable and appropriate manner to seek input and feedback now and at future junctures.  We plan to participate in the LCI process and work collaboratively with a spirit of complementing skill sets and shared mutual interests.

We would also like to meet with any neighborhood association, group of neighbors or individuals at convenient locations to continue this dialogue, share ideas and collaborate on this planning initiative. We welcome any suggestions from your organization around other transparent ways in which we could collaborate. We support a public, competitive RFP process for the acquisition of the site and stand ready to meet with any and all residents to ensure that all ideas are heard.

Our team is extremely excited about the potential for numerous community benefits that will arise out of our community engagement framework. We have various ideas ranging from education programs, workforce training, and youth sports to senior programs and beyond. This element of our overall development will be crucial to how we ultimately define success.  We strongly believe that significant community collaboration is the only way to bring about transformational change. Two weeks ago we received great ideas from the community. Now, we look forward to continuing our dialogue for many years to come.  We would like to hear from you.  Please feel free to reach out to us with comments at [email protected]

This opportunity is bigger than all of us. If we join hands and work together we can change this historic part of our community forever. 

Yours very truly,

R. Scott Taylor, Jr.


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