What Derek Taught Us

What Derek Taught Us

By: Bob Peterson, Scott Taylor, Jim Shelton and John Carter

The spirit of Carter immediately lifted when Derek Davis joined us in 2008.  Derek was a special person with countless gifts, but what we are really learning is what an amazing teacher he was to all of us.

Derek had beyond a positive attitude ALL of the time. His outlook on life was forward leaning and full of spirit. He was always looking up!

Derek was a giver. We all know that there are “takers” and “givers” in our world, and Derek was truly a giver. He wanted to make sure that everyone was ok, he constantly checked on his people and he genuinely cared about others with kindness. He did this consistently in his professional and personal life. Derek was a giver.

Derek would never give up. He would stick with a challenge until he solved it and he never let it affect his positive attitude.

No matter the issue at hand, Derek always maintained the will to see it through. He would work literally all night if that’s what it took to attack an emergency situation. He never would succumb. He would never yield, and he always prevailed.

“No excuses”
As the pastor at Derek’s service on Tuesday spoke so eloquently, Derek made no excuses in life. He lived life to the fullest. He touched countless persons around the world and he made no excuses along the way. 

What can be said about that smile? That trademark smile will forever be in our hearts. Derek taught us to smile and smile often!

Derek taught us all of this and more. Carter will never be the same without him, but we will always be better because of him. He left us too early. However, we know the volume raised inside the pearly gates when Derek, “Double D” or “King D-Zo” rolled through.  And we know he is in a better place.

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