Who said golf is for men?

By Sarah Peddar, business development manager, Carter

ATLANTA (Nov. 11, 2011) – Last week, the Carter Interior Project Management team held the final in a series of golf clinics, and eight successful Atlanta businesswomen took a swing. The golf-skills series, “Tee up with the Pros,” was a four-week clinic for female brokers, followed by a final scramble match led by head golf professionals at Ansley Golf Club in Atlanta.

Golf Clinic Wrap-UpNot only have these women realized the importance of knowing how to play in a sport typically dominated by men, they understand the importance golf has in the business world. From networking to developing personal relationships, the female golfers who participated in Carter’s clinics understand a lack of golfing expertise puts them at a disadvantage. Real estate is a relationship business, and it’s vital to form, fortify and nurture relationships. Playing 18 holes with clients and colleagues is the perfect forum.

When the clinic series began, a handful of attendees had never picked up a club or even stepped foot on a golf course. Coming out and playing each week was not only educational, but also a fun social event for these real estate gurus.

After the clinic each week, the golfers joined the Carter Interior Project Management team for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the clubhouse. Members of this tight-knit group of brokers and associates have become more than just networking buddies. We've been able to get to know each other on a personal level and become friends.

The Carter Interiors golf scramble turned out to be a pleasurable four hours of golf, cocktails and socializing. I can confidently say these women are well prepared for networking on the course and have definitely proved golf isn’t just the “businessman’s” sport.


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