Windham Brannon, P.C. Moves into New Home at 3630 Peachtree

By Mary Kathryn Kennon, marketing coordinator, Carter

ATLANTA (Aug. 17, 2011) – Windham Brannon, P.C. has 150 employees settling into their new 35,000-square-foot home in 3630 Peachtree. Back in April, we reported that Carter’s Dale Lewis represented Windham Brannon in finding the firm’s new location and signing a 12-year, six-month lease.  The accounting firm then began the search for a project management firm to manage the design, construction and relocation for their new offices. The firm needed to consolidate two separate offices into one location in a short timeframe. Due to Carter’s industry knowledge and tailored delivery process, Carter’s Interiors Project Management Team was selected as the right group for the job. Senior Vice President, Nan Loudon, and Senior Project Manager, Donna West, from Carter headed up the project. Carter Vice President, Carey Poole, also played an instrumental role in the furniture evaluation, selection and procurement process.

Carter was hired on April 4, 2011 and within a week the balance of the project team was selected. Construction documents were completed by mid-May and construction commenced on June 1. The build-out was complete on Aug. 5 and Windham Brannon’s first day of business in their new space was Aug. 8.  

The entire Cater team was responsible for delivering the project within Windham Brannon’s desired schedule. The typical timeframe to obtain a permit for this size project is between three and four weeks. Dale Lewis contacted the Atlanta Development Authority to ask for assistance on obtaining a permit quickly based on Windham Brannon’s ability to add new jobs in the city of Atlanta. The interiors team was able to meet with ADA and the Bureau of Buildings at The City of Atlanta to discuss the project and request expediting the permit process. As a result, Carter obtained the permit in two weeks.

From team selection to move-in, Carter completed the project in 124 days. The client’s ability to streamline the decision making process, eliminated initial concerns on the short time frame.  Carter delivered Windham Brannon’s vision, objectives were accomplished and expectations were exceeded. This certainly shows what can happen when there is a good team in place working towards a common goal.

Check out pictures of the renovated interiors. Congratulations to Windham Brannon on its new Atlanta home!

Windham Brannon_conf room Windham Brannon_lobby

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