Atlanta Public Schools

Atlanta, GA

With administrative offices scattered among 14 separate, dated locations, Atlanta Public Schools sought a consolidated downtown Atlanta location that would streamline communication, foster collaboration, increase efficiency, and enhance public accessibility. The Atlanta Public School System engaged Carter to design and construct a new 230,000-square foot, eight-story center for learning and leadership to support over 600 employees, along with a 475-car parking deck.

Carter began work on the project before the development project was approved, providing a feasibility study on behalf of the school system. Based on the study, Carter recommended that the new headquarters feature an open floor design with modular work stations and partitions that could be relocated as space use is modified over time. Carter also built a 10,000-square-foot mission-critical data center within the facility to support the entire school district’s network operations. The building also featured a 250-seat auditorium designed to serve as host facility for various public meetings and 3,100 square feet of ground-level retail space.


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