Augusta State University Student Center

Augusta, GA

Located in the heart of Georgia’s second-largest city, Augusta State University is fast becoming one of the South’s premier universities. As the university continues to grow, the need developed for a new student activity center where students could gather to socialize and recreate.

Carter was chosen as program manager with responsibility for overseeing the design and construction of the new 52,000-square-foot facility, as well as assisting the university in selecting an underwriter, architect and contractor. Because the student center is connected to an existing library by a large atrium, which is also another public/private venture project, one of the university’s primary concerns was to ensure that library activities were not disrupted by the construction of the student center. Carter employed careful coordination so students could utilize the library during construction of the student center while maintaining the live-learn environment supportive of the university’s vision while the new project finished.

Carter diligently monitored the budget and schedule in order to bring the university’s vision to fruition on-time and under-budget. The new student center includes a fitness center, game room, servery/eatery, ballroom and administrative space. The facility also houses the student government and school newspaper and provides a comprehensive, all-in-one space for student activities as the school continues its growth.


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