Berry College Roy Richards Memorial Gymnasium

Rome, GA

In 1936, the Richards Gymnasium was constructed for students after receiving a generous gift of $50,000 by a prominent donor after she saw students using an insufficient gym built in 1911. Recently, the college made the decision to add football to its collegiate sports program which created a need for a football team facility. Richards Gym caught the attention of the project team for its 33,000 square feet of suitable space that could be re-purposed to accommodate the needs of Berry’s growing athletics teams. The project team, led by Carter, programmed the space to suit the needs of the incoming football program and existing team sports already on campus.

The new design provides an office suite for football, lacrosse, and tennis coaches. The main gymnasium will be a multi-purpose space used for indoor team practice, intramurals, and summer camps. The basement weight room is being converted into a football locker room with space for 110 new lockers and will also provide full men’s and women’s locker rooms for lacrosse and tennis, including shower/bath facilities. The old building had an abandoned Olympic-sized pool that will be filled in to become the building’s showcase feature of an athletics weight training center. The project also includes a grass practice field adjacent to the building.

The project began construction in late February after many hours of planning and cost-savings ideas were employed by Berry Facilities, Carter and the general contractor selected for the project. Berry fielded its first football team and opened its season in September 2013.


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