Clayton State Science Building

Morrow, GA

Clayton State University (CSU), located in suburban south metro Atlanta, had a vision to enhance student-life-related facilities and promote a full-time, on-campus experience for its students while transitioning to a more traditional student-based campus.

In response, Carter was selected as program manager to guide the university’s vision, and work with students, faculty, staff and administration to bring the institution’s vision to life. One of the critical buildings as part of the program is the $17.5 million, 65,000-square-foot new science building for the university.

The new science building at CSU provides much-needed facilities in support of the academic program offerings at the university. The building is comprised of labs, research space, classrooms, lecture areas, break-out study areas and departmental and faculty offices. There are also areas for student organizations.

More specifically, the building includes instructional labs in areas such as Ecology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Inorganic Chemistry and Quantitative Physics, among others. The facility houses an MNR and other scientific equipment.

CSU has over 7,100 students who attend classes on its 192-acre campus. Construction was completed in 2015.


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