College of Coastal Georgia Student Housing

Brunswick, GA

In August 2009, the College of Coastal Georgia selected Carter to provide program management services for both the student housing and campus center projects. As the campus moved from a commuter school to a traditional four-year program with an emphasis in nursing and science programs, Carter provided project oversight.

The Campus Center project consists of 47,500 SF and was a $12 million project. The project was completed in August 2011. The Campus Center is a two story building that includes: Bookstore, Dining Hall, Student Life offices, Health Center, Student Gathering/hangout areas, large Terrace/Patio and Theatre. The architecture is a Spanish Mission style to match the existing campus and the new Health and Science Building.

The $14 million Student Housing project consists of 352 beds and was the first student housing facility on the campus. Facility architecture reflects the coastal characteristics of the surrounding geographic area. The facility was completed in July 2011.

The Campus Center, the Student Housing and the Health and Science Building are the first new buildings on campus in over 20 years and are going to set the architectural tone for the campus as the College continues to grow. The College of Coastal Georgia recently became a four year institution and these new buildings will support the College’s growth and reflect the change in its mission.


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