Darlington School Housing

Rome, GA

Darlington School is a pre-K-12 private preparatory boarding school with a student body of more than 900 and growing. The school was in need of additional housing facilities and engaged Carter to provide program management services for its expansion effort. Carter had previously managed the construction of the school’s athletic facilities expansion, and the successful completion of this project led to the Darlington School’s sole-sourcing of the housing expansion to Carter.

The school’s original girls’ housing facility was constructed in 1967, and after a comprehensive evaluation of the facility’s structure, mechanical and electrical systems, the team determined that it was economically prudent to construct new housing rather than renovate the existing, dated housing facilities. 

The contractor’s pricing on the schematic design of the proposed housing facility was much higher than expected, so Carter recommended selecting a contractor through competitive bids from a range of large and small general contractors. The team selected a contractor that was smaller in terms of size but comparable in quality. As a result, the original construction pricing was reduced by $900,000. 


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