The Banks

Cincinnati, OH

In 2007, Carter was selected as the master developer and an equity partner for The Banks, Cincinnati’s landmark public-private mixed-use project on the banks of the Ohio River between Paul Brown Stadium, the Great American Ball Park and adjacent to the CBD. This live, work, play destination has become the capstone for regional economic growth and urban revitalization, driving an estimated $1 billion to the region’s economy, creating a market for downtown residents, and attracting GE’s U.S. Global Operations Center to the development, a build-to-suit office which was also developed by Carter.

At full build-out, The Banks includes 1,800 residential units, 400 hotel rooms, one million square feet of office space and more than 400,000 square feet of retail. Both Phase I and Phase II of the project were delivered to resounding success. 

The project was made possible by a commitment from The Banks Public Partnership, a partnership between the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. By leveraging local, county, regional, state and federal resources, the partnership was able to provide the public infrastructure necessary to allow for private development. The project was a collaboration between the public and private parties at every stage of the development.

Today, the project features:

•  338,000 sf build-to-suit for GE’s U.S. Global Operations Center
•  592 multi-family units (300 units at Current and 292 units at Radius)
•  96,000 sf of retail
•  165-room Marriott AC Hotel under construction
•  5,500 below ground parking spaces




Phase I: CR Architects
Phase II: The Preston Partnership


Brasfield & Gorrie

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