University of Louisiana Lafayette Student Union

Lafayette, LA

On the heels of the successful completion of a $100 million, 1,934-bed on-campus student housing project at the university, Carter was asked to oversee the construction phase of the 170,000 SF student union project. 

This unique project wraps around Cypress Lake, a wildlife habitat and nature preserve in the middle of campus that includes alligators. The student union is a hub for student services and houses food services and offices for student programming, as well as ballroom/meeting spaces, an auditorium for movies and performances, and a bookstore. The project includes the demolition and renovation of parts of the existing student union, as well as an expansion of approximately 170,000 SF. A majority of the work involves new construction; however, the ballroom, theater and bookstore have all been renovated. The cafeteria and dining facilities are located on the second level to allow for lake view seating. The new union also includes a coffee shop as well as a conference center and meeting rooms for student activities.

The two-year project was delivered in January 2015 and is affectionately called “The U” around campus.


Academic Programs
Program Management